Facts of War

by sbattles | September 16th, 2010

When reading through Logue’s book, I noticed that he took a very different view than most authors have. He focuses on different topics. He brings up a lot of stuff you wouldn’t normal think about. I found it very interesting. He also shares the stories of both sides, which was very informative.

I never knew that the soldiers had “libraries”. I knew they entertained themselves somehow, but I guess I didn’t really picture them reading in their spare time. It also made me laugh to read that drunk men were tied to trees by their officers. It was pretty amusing as well to read about how the Confederates would smuggle whiskey into camp (watermelons, and the barrels of guns).

I didn’t realize there were actually women in the hospitals. I guess my view of that had been influenced by movies. Normally they show just a barn full of men with missing body parts. I never thought there were actually real hospitals where women were nurses.  Also reading through the book, it empathized how much more supplies and better of the North was than the South.

Overall this book really opened my eyes to the brutalities of war even more than Watkin’s did.

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