Wages of War Ch. 9, 11, 12

by sbattles | September 23rd, 2010

Wages of War is always interesting. I really like the prospective the authors write from.

Something that really stuck out for me this time was what Nathaniel Hawthorne said about the Civil war. “Amputation seems to be a better plan” (Ch 9, p. 124) I was quite surprised. I knew people were against the war, but to hear him say it so strongly was surprising. I can see now why so many people were shocked.

Whitman also talked about how the real life of soldier would never be talked about, but I believe he was wrong. After reading Co. Atcyh and To Appomattox and Beyond I think we have read about the true stories and lives of Veterans.

Wages of war also talks about GAR and how they discriminated against Blacks. Other thing that shocked me was the fact that Blacks were treated better in the border states then up North or the deep South.

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