WOW Ch 16,17,and 18

by sbattles | October 7th, 2010

Forbes was an interesting character. He seemed to use his position more for pleasure than actually doing his job. Yes, he did get supplies for veterans, but it wasn’t exactly in a morally correct way. He did eventually get caught though.

The thing that caught my eye the most was a quote in Chapter 17 page 259. “Congress little realizes that its creature, the Veterans Bureau, has probably made wrecks of more men since the war than the war itself took in dead and maimed.” The Veterans Bureau certainly did seem to do more damage than it helped, at least under Forbes.

The Bonus march was also very destructive. Not only were veterans killed but so were innocent bystanders, even a baby! One thing I was wondering as I read it was how the soldiers who were still in the army felt about it. They were being forced to fight veterans. What was going through their minds when they were burning their tents?

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