Greatest Generations and Doing Battle

by sbattles | October 14th, 2010

I found Doing Battle very refreshing. As a novel, it was very easy to read and remember. Paul Fussell recorded things very well and definitely did not spare the reader any details. Some of his stories surprised me. I wouldn’t normal expect those things to be told. I also noticed as I read the through that his mindset seemed to change as he was in Europe longer. He grew more accustomed to all the gruesome things that come with war.

One of the main things that stuck out to me in Greatest Generations was the number of soldiers that served in WWII! 16 million! That’s incredible. I had no idea that many men and women served. Another thing that also caught my eye was how much home and family affected the soldiers while they were away. It most certainly had a great impact on them. One can even see it in Doing Battle because Paul writes home to his parents all the time.

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