Greatest Generations

by sbattles | October 21st, 2010

The younger soldiers from the army certainly seemed to fit better into society after the war. I was amazed to find out that 49% of the people in school were veterans. That is quite a large amount! The society seemed to have very large effect on this though. In the first part of the reading, the book stated that American’s were not happy about the treatment wounded vets were receiving as it turned into a national scandal (p. 42).¬† America also started to get it’s act together after the war. On page 51, it says that “World War II also initiated¬† profound changes in the method of t he American governance that aided the change and growth of the Veterans’ Administration.” Things definitely were started to be turned around after WWII.

One final things that struck me during this reading was when Gambone states that after only 200 hundred days fighting soldiers already started to show symptoms of a mental breakdown, yet the government didn’t pull them out or anything. That is outrages!!

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