Gambone and WOW

by sbattles | October 26th, 2010

Wow! There was a lot of reading this week! I found the first part kind of interesting. We normally don’t hear a lot about women during the wars. I feel like women weren’t completely appreciated during the war. It seemed like they were the ones who were blamed for a lot of the problems. They took the flak and were never really given an apology. Women seemed to make all these sacrifices for the war and the people, but weren’t really acknowledged for it at the time.

It seems like the treatment of minorities is still a problem. The Japanese were only put in that place because of where they came from and their origins. I think it’s unfair that even the Japanese who were born and lived in America their who lives, had to under go the horrible treatment they received from Americans. Obviously most of them are on the Allies side if they are in America.

I think movies had a huge impact  on people at the time as well. It gave them the ability to see what their friends and family had been through over seas, rather than just hearing about it. It gave them that physical and emotional link. Nowadays we watch those videos and just think of them as history, but back than they were real and still had their true meaning.

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