Born on the 4th

by sbattles | November 2nd, 2010

This reading had me in shock! It was a very intense view into the world of a soldier. I don’t quite understand why we read this portion of it though because it is prewar and during the war. Kovic seemed to have a very hard life during his recuperation. The hospitals had deplorable conditions and the staff didn’t really seem to care either. As I was reading, I was wondering if there were only certain hospitals that were in that condition or if it was most of them?

I thought it was very interesting how he reminisced his youth. Because he was paralyzed from the war, he seemed to focus a lot on the his athletic abilities and his body. He was very proud of who he was before he was injured. I couldn’t tell of he was biased though. I feel like he was biased against the war, but he never fully came out and said he hated like Fussell did. Kovic just seems very sincere about peace. In the intro he said that never again would the government or anyone would make him hate anybody (24), but that was about it.

I found the reading very interesting, but some times there was too much information.

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