Born on the 4th (2)

by sbattles | November 6th, 2010

How much do you think Kovic’s role as a Vietnam Veteran Against the War played into his interpretation of Vietnam?

-I think it played a great deal into it. It seemed to make him more biased. And because he is biased he more likely to make the war sound terrible. I think the stories he told were real and he really did see those things, such as the massacre of the children, but the way he is writing it tends to make the war sounds terrible and pointless

Kovic describes a number of protests at which police used violence against the protestors.  Why do you think that they went to such extreme measures.

-I think the police used such measure because that was the only thing that would stop the protesters. I don’t by any means agree with the measures, but for the safety and protection of the citizens I think they were necessary.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) is the first major veterans group that we have encountered that was against war.  Why do you think that is?

-I think it’s because this is the first war that America didn’t fully support. The Vietnam war was more of a political war so the people didn’t understand it as well. The veterans were also very different in the war. They came back as very bitter people and wanted to be heard. And they weren’t going to stop until they were heard. Kovic proved this point through all the speeches and protests he did.

Also while reading about Kovic’s part in the protest for Nixon, I was very curious to see if I could find the part where Kovic was talking to the camera. I ended up finding a clip of it on YouTube. Kovic’s part begins around 7:00.

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