Agent Orange

by sbattles | November 9th, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me the injustices the veterans are forced to live with. Agent Orange is just another one. I never really knew what Agent Orange was until I read these chapters, and it kind of shocked me.¬† To me the evidence is pretty clear that Agent Orange was the cause of all the problems and cancers the veterans ended up with. I think it’s terrible that the government won’t help them or even acknowledge it! The Dow Chemical company had more sympathy for the veterans than the government did, which is quite amazing because they were the ones getting sued. I’m not saying they were welcoming them with open arms, but they were more concerned about it then the government. It seems to me like the people always have more sympathy and respect for the veterans¬† then their own government. The government seems to take them for granted while the rest of the nation appreciates what veterans have done.

I was very surprised to learn that even the veterans from WWII thoughts the Vietnam vets were losers. I would have thought them, of all people, would respect and understand the Vietnam veterans the most. They went through the same things, but yet just because of the war the older veterans despised the Vietnam vets. I’m curious to know if was because of everybody else’s opinion or if there was a deeper meaning behind what they thought.

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