by sbattles | November 11th, 2010

I found it quite interesting that when the Reagen administration concluding that there were no more POWs in Vietnam, the families of the missing thought the government was still conspiring (p. 167). The government hadn’t really given them any reason to think differently. They had hidden and lied about so many other thing, I can understand why the people didn’t want to believe it. I realize there are personal reasons involved as well, but the government didn’t exactly have a great reputation at that time.

For the Blacks the Vietnam war seems like the final break through. They were finally get the rights they wanted and being treated fairly. They were even included by being put in the actual War memorial. My veteran, who is black, mentioned that while he was waiting in the airport at a bar to be picked up after he had returned home, a man paid for his drink and thanked him for his sacrifice.

Overall though, I think Americans have come to realize how important it is to remember and memorialize things. Without those reminders we would forget those soldiers we should be honoring, and we would forget the sacrifice they made.

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