Women veterans

by sbattles | November 16th, 2010

The story that struck me the most was from Jeanne A. Urbin Markle. She talked about what it was like for a woman to come home from the war. Hearing from a real person and being able to hear the affects of everything in her voice, it hit me so much more. We hear about the how the war affected men and how when they returned home they felt like they couldn’t tell anyone anything. But, we never hear that the women went through that as well. Markle said that it did affect her. All the letters she wrote home to her family sounded all happy. She said that she couldn’t tell them the horrors of war because they wouldn’t understand. I feel like this is truly what women went through. Their memories and experiences are often down played because they didn’t actually fight, but they still had to deal with all the horrors. They still saw the mutilated veterans because women were the ones who took care of them.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to listen to these stories, because although it may be unintentional women veterans’ stories are suppressed and put in the back and labeled unimportant. It is important for their stories to be told.

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