Wages of War/Greatest Generation

by clomax3 | November 23rd, 2010

In the reading, we see the mistreatment of American veterans. The mistreatment of veterans is a common characteristics of the books read in this course. The government turned their back on the veterans of many different wars. They often received little to no pension, which means they fought and died for free. A common theme in our readings are the way society relates their national issues to that of the veterans.

Like the Vietnam War, the veterans of the Korean War were looked down upon. The veterans were often blamed for all the problems America was facing such as, political and  financial. I think it is wrong to treat American veterans so negative. If you think about we owe them our whole way of life. If it was not for them we would be under the rule of a different country. American veterans sacrifice a lot for us, and all we do is look down at them. We should be honored to give them the pensions and respect they deserve. They make us who we are.

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