by snoopy50 | November 24th, 2010

This documentary did not spare the viewers.  It was filled with real footage from wars of injured and dead people in an effort to aid people in seeing some of what the soldiers have to go through every day.  The focus on the documentary was not to explain P.T.S.D or how to treat it but to bring awareness to the problem that many people choose to ignore of don’t believe exists.  P.T.S.D. is a disorder caused by stress on the brain leading to symptoms such as severe depression, nightmares, and suicide.  I have known that P.T.S.D. exists but from the way it has always been talked about a relatively few people seemed to get it, from this video I have learned exactly how wrong I was because the army estimates that approximately 30% of veterans of the Iraq war suffer from some form of it.  I also did not realize how many of the cases lead to suicide from P.T.S.D. to the point that General Peter Chiarelli to study how to changed the army’s opinion to on P.T.S.D. because such a large number of soldiers and veterans are committing suicide.  P.T.S.D. is a little understood disorder at this time that many soldiers do not want to admit they have and many people in the military wont accept exists, General Chiarelli stated that he does not think they will ever be able to make everyone be able to accept that psychological wounds are as dangerous as physical ones. General Chiarelli’s goal is that they will start pulling men off the lines when they start showing warning signs of P.T.S.D. because it will only get worse if they don’t.

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