Greatest Generation 3-14 and Wow Epilogue

by wboyle3617 | December 2nd, 2010

I think it’s quite interesting to read that at the beginning of American history, veterans were treated quite well and treated for life. Once the Revolution hit and the government realized they couldn’t afford it, the problems began. It was also interesting the favoritism that occurred. George Washington’s officers received full pensions while the majority of regular soldiers got next to nothing? Presidents were and still are for the most part ex-military men. I never fully understood this but the public loved that stuff. Maybe they thought military people would have more patriotism and less fear from opposition.

The epilogue of Wages of War really showcases the bias of Severo and Milford. Perhaps this is a good thing, we all know that not many other people called out the government in veterans’ affairs. There was a good point made that WWII veterans treatment was not the norm, this is important because its basically the only war in which veterans returned home to a friendly welcoming society. Vietnam veterans expected the same and why shouldn’t they? Who cares if we didn’t win, these men put their lives on the line just like WWII soldiers did. As pointed out in the epilogue most veterans were hesitant to ask for assistance even if they really needed it. That shows extremely good character and they should have been treated better.

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