WOF and Gambone

by azarzeck | December 2nd, 2010

Wages of War was a basic summary of what happened through the wars with the veterans. Through the veterans hardships, their problems were constantly ignored . Many Americans were dillusional to this happening. Most of them only thought of the good post war years aka WWII, not the harsher ending for Vietnam Veterans and other wars. Agent Orange was brought up again and talked about how the the chemical industry believed this herbicide was harmless to the humans. The veterans dealt with a lot.  Many of them found it hard to  find the happy- medium in why they fought the war. For those who lost victories, they blamed themselves at first. I really enjoyed the last paragraph of the piece. It really came together with everything we had read in Wages of War.

In Gambones reading, to me I thought it was a pretty boring reading. It was very factual, which I guess is good to get information from. The book gave me great information about things like PTSD  and how you knew when it began to appear. I read about a lot of important people like ALbert deutsch who talked about the awful hospitals and people like Pual H who wanted to help this problem. It was very informative about the training the soldiers went through and the post war situations with them going to school.

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