Greatest Geneneration/Wages of War

by clomax3 | December 3rd, 2010

In this reading I found it interesting that Severo and Milford bring about the idea that Americans do not truly do not know war. It is easy for them to say what they want about wars and soldiers when they are on the outside looking in. They do not know the harsh reality which is war. The American citizens are not constantly being shot at, or watching their best friend beside them get killed. They are ignorant to the truth. Even through this, besides the Vietnam War you truly only hear of the positive sides of war.

They want you to know the great things that America has done. Yes, America has done some great things, but there are also negatives in which we have been apart of. It is interesting me how people always tend to be quick to point the good the happen, and quick to put the negatives in the closet so to say. I believe both the government and the citizen should be aware of what war is, and how it affected the soldiers lives.

In the Greatest Generation you see a different view of the veterans. You can see through the years how the relationship between veterans and government have approved as time as went on. Once starting at the bottom of the barrel when it came to their benefits, but now they can live off of their funds from their military service. It is good to see that the treatment of veterans have made a change for the better. Veterans deserve to be treated with kindness and respect because they have done a lot for us. Thanks to them we are able to live the lives we live now.  We often take their sacrifice for granted. It is good to see them finally getting treated well.

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